No time for reasoning. The topic is clear. Let's start from the example (click on the picture to download VI):


VI above comes from System Utils library. It executes given code in underlying Python interpreter. VI returns standard output of the script. Returned value and standard error output become components of the error cluster (code and source respectively). More information on Execute in can be found in documentation documentation.

In the meantime let's have a look on another example:


This time, Python code has been formated by Format Container Into As described in separate article, VI attempts to be Python-compatible. It's job in this case is to embed LabVIEW cluster into Python code as a dictionary. Having this done, Python interpreter executes the code and prints results to stdout. Finaly Split turns text into an array.

Now, let's do something more complex. Goals of the exercise are described on the picture. As can be observed, Python, thanks to it's dynamically-typed nature does the good job in making this complex task simple.


Libraries used in the examples above are free and can be downloaded here and here.