npackd-repoeditor 1.1.3

Editor of small and medium size repositories of Npackd package manager.

python python3 pyqt pyqt4

frss 1.0.1

Lightweight RSS Reader. Capable of displaying the full text associated with entries of some channels.

python python2 curses

quickcmd 1.0.2

Utility which allows you to define a list of commands and then execute any of them when needed.

python python2 curses bash linux

ttype 1.0.1

echo/cat command that types using virtual keyboard instead of printing to stdout.

python python2 bash linux

pforum 1.1.0

Minimalistic forum for private usage.

python python2 sql html

lvprj2html 1.0.0

Tool for generating interactive documentation for LabVIEW projects.

labview html

PhoneBookCSV 1.0.0

Exports/Imports phone book of your Android to/from .csv file.

java javame android