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lvprj2html is an extension available in LabVIEW tools menu. It allows you to generate HTML based documentation of you LabVIEW projects. It looks and feels almost like LabVIEW itself. The difference is that you don't need to have LabVIEW installed. Web browser is all you need. This way you also don't need to care about LabVIEW versions, licences and installed toolkits.


  • Documentation is a static HTML
  • No need to start any HTTP server
  • Supports Markdown syntax in project description
  • You can zoom in/out on your block diagrams and front panels
  • Contex help as well as detailed help are included
  • Each file is described in a separate text file, so you can easily grep/search through documentation
  • You can inspect dependencies to include documentation of VIs which don't belong to the project