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PForum is a private forum. It is intended to be used for your domestic pourposes - communication with friends, organizing events, working on projects.

PForum doesn't assume presenting posts in public. Users can be registered only by administrator. It has been developed as an extension of a Smart TV. The goal was to provide basic functionality to the users who are less experienced with using state of the art tools offered by the internet.

Basic concepts also differ a little bit from these known from popular forums. PForum functions more like a non-real-time messenger. Each user can remove threads which are no longer interesting to him. Each thread can be accessible either to everyone or to selected users. In particular case, thread can be accessible only to it's creator. This his how PForum can be used as a web-based notepad.


  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Clean & easily understandable user interface
  • Admin panel
  • Login can be pre-entered in url

More Info

For more details about requirements, startup, usage, release notes see