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Npackd is a great and well known package manager for Windows. Descriptions of all the packages are maintained in the global XML file(s). RepoEditor allows for easy management of the repository by editing XML file. It allows you to create/copy/delete items which repository consists of. These are licenses, packages and versions.

With repoeditor you will quickly navigate in the big XML file. At the same time you have the freedom of editing items as plain XML code. This makes repoeditor flexible and forward compatible. When you are done with editing, repoeditor will make sure if the syntaxt is correct, apply changes to the XML file and finally clean it up to ensure that there are no duplicates, items are sorted and XML code is properly formated.


  • Multiplatform design
  • Menu based navigation
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Syntax verification
  • XML code correction & clean up



  • Application distributed as an executable
  • Windows installer added


  • Initial version

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